Friday, April 22, 2016

Teaching Philosophy

        I believe that all students should be able to get an education and it is my job to make sure that I have all the skills and knowledge that I need so that I won’t let them down. I want to be the best teacher that I can be, and I want my students to enjoy coming to class every day. I want to have a welcoming environment and want them to all feel comfortable around their peers. I believe that all students have the potential to be great.
I want all students to leave my class feeling that they are the best and I can say that I helped to get them to gain confidence and knowledge. I want to be a kindergarten teacher and I know that is usually students first year in school, so I want to help build a strong foundation for all of my students.
As a teacher I want to encourage my students to voice and challenge their beliefs. I want to have story time once a week for the kids to tell their peers a story about whatever they want. I feel it will be an exciting time for the students to hear from their peers, and also time for me to bond with my students as well. I will include multicultural lessons so that all students will feel comfortable. I will remember that everyone does not learn the same information at the same pace. I will remember to utilize different ways of teaching to make sure that everyone understands the material. I want all students to be successful.  

Advice for future teachers:

Getting Ready for the Exam

It is now time for me to start preparing for my certification exam. The education department now wants the students to have passed the exam before we start student teaching. Which now since I have an extra semester here I have more time to prepare myself. I won’t student teach until fall 2017. It is a lot I have to study before that time. Some of my classes we do study questions but we don’t do a lot of preparing in my classes because we have other things to do. So studying for the exam is basically something I have to do myself during my free time. I brought a book from Barnes and Noble to help me study. I have heard a lot of great things about the book from my peers. I’m excited to start reading through it and gaining more knowledge.  I want to start a study group with my peers for the exam. I feel if I don’t understand something, someone else might that can help me understand better. 

Here is a picture of the book:
TExES Core Subjects EC-6 291

Here is a link you can use for practice questions: 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Keep Pushing!

So frustrating getting closer and closer to graduation then BAM I find out something on my degree plan was not right. I took a class that I did not need. A mistake because I changed my major and I guess my advisor did not realize that mistake at the beginning. Now I have to take two extra courses that I really was hoping I did not have to take. Biology one subject I did not like in high school.  Another frustrating thing is they are requiring us to take a course that is not even offered anymore on campus. The education department wants us to go to a community college to take one class because it’s on our degree plan but not on campus anymore.  I heard that they will pay for the course at the community college but I still don’t like the idea. I don’t think that is fair at all because you have some students who don’t even have transportation how are they going to get there? I just feel they should find a course on campus that we can take that can go in place of that course. 
I will be here an extra semester but its okay as long as i get it done.

A website you can go to for a little encouragement when you feel like giving up: 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

When you Look Good you Feel Good

When I know I have a full day ahead of me or something important to do, I always wake up a few minutes earlier so that I can look decent. I don’t wear make-up every day, but sometimes I do wake up in the mood to just wear make-up and look cute for myself.  This semester on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I only have one class at eight A.M. if I know I’m not doing anything after class but going get back in the bed I’m not going to try to get all dressed up and put on make-up. I do have a professor that I really admire because every class she comes dressed nice and with a positive attitude. I do believe that when they say “when you look good you feel good.” I want to be like that teacher in the future that my students remember not only was I a great teacher but I also looked nice.

I want to be a kindergarten teacher so I know somethings I will not wear because I have to interact with the students and it will probably get dirty. I do want to be comfortable and cute at the same time. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My First Observation Experience

Recently I had my first school observation visit. I really feel in love! At first when I was told I had to do Thirty hours of observations I was surprised. Which Thirty seemed like a lot to me at the time because I felt like I would just be sitting there and it would take away a lot of my time to do other things. I was totally wrong. I am observing a kindergarten class because that is the grade that I want to teach. The kids were so nice and welcoming to me. The teacher was also very nice and gave me a lot of information on what she was doing. It was a very great experience, because I also learned a lot of different techniques to do in my classroom in the future. I now see why they say it is very important to do school observations. What you learn in class is all great information but it’s good to see in action before getting to student teaching. I am very excited to do the rest of my observations and learn new things. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Closer to Graduation

My college years feel like they are flying by so quickly. I can’t believe that I am actually a junior already. Every day I am getting closer and closer to graduation and I am so excited! But there is a lot I have to do before graduation. I am now taking two of my CUIN courses which is getting me closer to student teaching, which I am ready to experience. I feel like everything is happening so fast. It seems like every day I find out about a new state test that I have to take to be certified. Last year I did not expect that I would be at the point I am at right now. Its really time for me to buckle down and get to business. I have a lot of studying and preparing for those state tests I have to take. I want to graduate certified! 

I'm going to use this Quizlet flashcard set to study for my TExES:

What's so interesting about Pinterest?

I am very new to Pinterest and I am trying to figure out what took me so long to create an account, because I really am pleased with what the site has to offer. I only made a Pinterest account for my class, but I am very happy that I was introduced to it. Unlike other social media sites I feel it is a very helpful site. Because I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Education Core EC-6. It has a lot of creative ideas that you can use in the classroom. You can find lesson plans and maybe need some ideas on how to decorate the classroom you can find on Pinterest,a lot of fun and exciting activities that the students will definitely enjoy.  It is also a very simple and easy to navigate this site. You can just type in what you are looking for and it will pop up.